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Default UT3 runs worse with 'Enable SLI Technology'

With my GTX 280 SLI setup, I'm having a weird problem.

If I Enable SLI technology in Nvidia CP and set the 3D settings to 'Single GPU', then in-game framerates are noticeably lower than when I choose 'Do not enable SLI technology'. Choosing 'Do not enable..', makes the game silky smooth and rarely dips under 60fps. With SLI Technology enabled, walking around the same maps with no players and FRAPS running the fps is noticeably lower when looking certain directions and firing rocket launcher there etc. I've flipped back and forward while testing it many times so I'm not imagining it.

In general, I've found that UT3 suffers from very slight input lag when I actually enable "Nvidia Recommended" or manually choose AFR2 in the game's Profile settings. Maximum Pre-rendered frames set at 3 compared to 0 and 8 seems to make little difference regarding that as well. Therefore, due to UT3 being a very fast-paced game online where every bit of accuracy helps, I've left it on 'Single GPU', where there is no lag, just like setting 'Do not enable SLI technology'.

When I was messing around with nHancer, choosing 2x2 Supersampling DID give a significant performance increase with SLI compared to Single GPU, however it still not as smooth as "Do not enable SLI technology" with single GPU and no AA.

I very much doubt there is a solution to this and it's probably a bug of some sort. Crysis runs really good with SLI and obviously I want to be able to use SLI on other titles without this issue, so choosing "Do not enable SLI technology" is not an option unless I was to change it every time I played UT3.

Any thoughts?
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