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Default Unsolved Installation Problem !

Hi Guys,
Trying to Install Linux on my Computer ( A7N8X Deluxe / AMD XP2400+ / 2*512Mo Samsung PC2700 ...) with Mandrake 9.1
I'm not going farther than "Please Wait while accessing Samsung SW408B" ( This is my CD-ROM ).
What's going on ?
Never had any problems on my old material ( Abit KT7 / Duron 600 ).
What's strange is that I'm booting on the CD, apparently probing IRQ / DMA and all the **** ... but after nothing : Please Wait while accessing Samsung SW408B.
I've tried changing CD's .....
It's fine on Redhat but not Mandrake
I'm going to try Debian but Mandrake 9.1 is fine to me for personnal using ( Not Server software ).

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