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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
First about the cheaper. Good vote thanks to ATI but coming from somebody who recently didn't mind to pay $650 for the GTX 280 when the HD 4870 was $300 it is at least very surprising.

Now talking about the HUGE problems with the HD 4870 x2, it sure could not come from your own experience neither from the experiences from the majority of REAL users.
Unless you talk about your own experience it doesn't matter how HUGE you like to make it look like by selecting the super large fonts.
don't you have anything better to do then troll?

doesn't matter how you try to sugar cotted, or how dedicated you are to your holy ATI Crusade. Dual-GPU set-ups always had and will have a lot more issues then a single GPU system. Myabe that Lucid Hydra system will improve CF/SLi. But until then fastest single GPU card will always be the best.

Speaking about "experience" just because I currently don't know CF setup. I do have an ATI card in other system. Plus I did recently build two systems with CF setups one for a friend one for a customer.

note: before you decide to start another nv/ati fight, dual GPU is an issue for both companies
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