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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
don't you have anything better to do then troll?

doesn't matter how you try to sugar cotted, or how dedicated you are to your holy ATI Crusade. Dual-GPU set-ups always had and will have a lot more issues then a single GPU system. Myabe that Lucid Hydra system will improve CF/SLi. But until then fastest single GPU card will always be the best.

Speaking about "experience" just because I currently don't know CF setup. I do have an ATI card in other system. Plus I did recently build two systems with CF setups one for a friend one for a customer.

note: before you decide to start another nv/ati fight, dual GPU is an issue for both companies
You calling me troll is so ridiculous, it's just unbelievable. Just LOOK at your post. Sure I'm happy there is finally something good to say about ATI again but than EVERYBODY should be happy about it. And all the recent buyers including you benefited from that BIG time.

At the same time I don't have any need for negative postings about NVIDIA product or people buying such. I'm sure they're very happy with what they have and why not I was very happy with every NVIDIA card I had.
I guess you FORGOT to notice I did TWICE in this thread recommend GTX 280 if people main object is to look for better deal. Or do you mean that was JUST sugar coating?

You on the other hand ALL what you have to say about ATI or it's drivers is negative. So honestly, what do you think is trolling?

Talking about "experience", I did mean HD 4870 x2 experience, what this thread is all about. And your own experience is EXACTLY big zilch (zero).

I'm looking to buy the HD 4870 x2 so now YOU tell me who should I believe more? Should it be the many happy owners of HD 4870 x2 or should it be you with your anti ATI agenda?

The rumored Lucid Hydra is off subject. The Hd 4870 x2 is here NOW and everybody knows it's much more improved product compared to previous dual GPU solutions so let's judge on that basis.

Furthermore the rumors are that ATI is working on multi-core solutions. That sure would make Lucid Hydra much less important even if it turns out as very good chip.
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