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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog View Post
I'm just going off of hearsay. Just from what I'm gathering it sounds like the same old wow. But maybe I'm just getting the wrong mental picture. If it's more focused on PVP, then we are talking. But as it stands now, this game is stale as all hell and it really needs to bring something fresh and new to the table. It's a shame they didn't start with updated graphics .

Selling the account.

Well I sold 2 alltogether. 1 Pre BC and a lvl 70 account. Both mains were mages and semi geared. Pulled like $300 for each with half ass discriptions about them on ebay. I don't think you can sell on ebay anymore though. I'd love to sell my new account being the two mains on it are a hunter and Druid. Can't stand playing either, boring as ****.

Mage or Rogue FTW!
This is going to be my third time selling the account, and with each time it gets harder and harder. first time was on ebay also. Second was through craigslist, and this last time is going to go through craigslist again. But there are some questionable parties that im getting emails from o.o
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