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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by DansFace View Post
Dunno I'm missing the days back when I played Everquest where I was scared as hell to die. Death on that game was difficult... you could lose all your items forever.

With wow I could really careless if I die. Just revive at the healer and everythings fine. At first this was great but after awhile it made me feel like there was no threat of danger.

I want a game like everquest but without that huge time sink..
Having trouble getting my idea down here. lol

Anyone understand what i'm getting at?
It is people who think everquest dumb games like that who piss me off. It is first and foremost a game. I want to have fun. Everquest punished you for playing that crappy game. When gamers realized they could play a MMO and have fun they left that horse**** game.

I hate Everquest and the whole cult that still follows that crappy game. I just want to get into a game for a hour or so, have fun and then leave. That's it. You cannot do that in Everquest. If you die you lost 20 years of killing the same damn rabbit for 20 hours a day just to make level 4. Friking stupid.

It is a game, treat it like one. I like to PVP, screw the raiding or the mindless mob grind. You Everquest geeks can have that garbage.
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