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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by TheANIMAL View Post
Yeah, MMO's are too easy. All of those wow geeks who now don't feel that wasting their time on MMO's is a worthy trade off for having a life/girlfriend/hobby, honestly, if wow geeks dont get a worthy challenge then some of them will start breeding and they'll never die out.

Imagine the horror.
Really? Really? You really want to say it is better to spend two years leveling up 4 levels and not accomplishing anything other than those 4 levels and that is not just as geeky as WoW players? Do you know how utterly stupid that is? They are both just games. WoW on the other hand is a fun game. They both suck up your time because they are MMOs but the argument you guys are making just so you cling to a game that has passed is mental.

I do not see a difference between WoW geeks and Everquest geeks. They act the same way in the MMO world.
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