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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
I hope Heinz68 & necrosoft have the same IP.
Why?? I think Heinz68 brings good points to the table and is pretty even keeled, and I certainly wouldn't consider any of his posts in this thread to be trolling... he's basically said both cards are good, just depends on the situation... the only really descrepency here appears to be the relative problems/issus with SLI or CF or X2's...

Heinz68 = CF or 4870X2 - no real problems or issues (correct me if I'm wrong - maybe the driver wait)
nekrosoft13 = avoiding multi-GPU is a huge plus

I don't see why the hostility....

At this point I think I'm going to try the 4870X2 on several games myself (esp Crysis on very high at 19x12) and see if I notice the microstuttering or see other problems, if no problems=keep, if problems-> change to 280gtx...
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