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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
Ultima online was pretty unforgiving with death aswell, anyone could loot your entire inventory.
That made it a pretty frightening experience leaving town if you had any items on you.
The causal way death is handled in MMOs now has its pros and cons though, going into PVP is riskless so you can spend alot of time doing that without having to gear up on each death, the way the games are made, essentiall just a big item hunt, you couldnt really have lootable gear on death either.
But its a bit less exciting.

In UO most PKs wore some free bone armor, a res robe, and a poisoned kryss, no investment what so ever, jumped other players from stealth and kept their distance while the poison did its work, which could be pretty frustrating for anyone on their way out to fight mobs with some decent armor and weapons on.
This. UO was the most hardcore MMO made until the 2nd expansion. All of them have been "care bear" ever since.

Times have changed though and not many people want to be losing at a game they have worked so long and hard on. It's a game, not a job. It's meant to be fun, not tons of work. WoW is hard enough work as it is, putting in time to get the items/gear/rep to play at the higher levels and be competitive.
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