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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by Mr.Schme View Post
No f***ing s*** everyone is in it to make money! Games like EQ appealed to a certain type of gamer, too bad that certain type of gamer wasn't a large group of people comparing to the whole group of 'gamers' in general. I was stating that when a game like EQ came out, it was just fun for that group but wasn't appealing at all to other groups of gamers for various reasons. With games like WoW, Blizz made the game for group X, and over the years theyve twinked the game to get groups Y, Z, ... etc thus making the game more mainstream and attracting a wider variety of gamers. By making the game appeal to more, you're going to eventually lose some earlier demographics because the negative changes made out weigh the aspects in which group X liked. Sucks for them, because by making those changes blizz added groups Y, Z, A and B but losing group X. Fair deal to them, they get more money, but they lose the group that they initially targeted.

Btw i didn't even mention a preference of EQ or WoW, i was commenting on MMOs as a whole and why theyre so much easier. l2read.
I threw in the WoW comments because that is what is being compared. L2comprehend.

I really don't care about what demographics are lost or gain. That is the concern of the developer. Who cares if they lost the Everquest target? It hasn't hurt their bottom line at all.
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