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Originally Posted by fivefeet8 View Post
That's what I did when I first started doing AJAX development, but as time went on, I simply needed to do things that required me to use more developed libraries as I didn't have the time to really develop my own.

I ended up using the dojotoolkit for my recent projects. The concept of using AJAX for asyncronous post/get is not that hard to implement. It's the data type return that you want and need to use that is the part to consider. I also used a lot of HTML return data as well, but now I've started using JSON data for the data exchange simply because the amount of data being returned was becoming quite large with HTML. And also because newer versions of PHP includes a JSON encoding/decoding extension written in C that is super fast at taking any object in PHP and changing it into a JSON string for echoing back to the javascript.
Aye I developed a generic PHP<->JSON translator a few months ago for a project I was working on using object reflection so it was easier to code my front-ends using the generated JSON structures and the back-end using PHP.
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