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Default Re: My 8800GTX vs 4870 tests

Originally Posted by Marll View Post
I am running a HD 2600XT Crossfire setup right now and spend a lot of time playing LOTRO: Shadows of Angmar. Could you post how the 4870X2 does with that game? I am looking to do a 4870 Crossfire implementation or maybe even get crazy and do a 4870X2 Crossfire setup in the future.

Also on the single 4870 that you tested LOTRO with before, how was the performance? Did you have any of the dreaded "hitch" that a lot of people (including myself) suffer from on that game? Love the game and if I can get rid of the hitching in DX10 mode that will be more than worth the upgrade.

Hi Marll, in LOTRO DX9 performance is outstanding, framerate is very high even with high levels of AA and AF, I would say the card scales pretty well here. But I'm interested in DX10 and unfortunately DX10 is broken since Book 14 patch. I would say that one single 4870 card (not x2) is more than enough for LOTRO, but I really hope the fix DX10 soon
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