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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

#1 eq didn't have that much of a danger. Between invis potions, invis spells, leading up to corpse summoning, grave yards, and eventualy decomposed corpses being transported to a whole different zone, losing your item wasn't a danger.

#2 If wow was so easy then everyone would be killing illidan. Since that number is actually well below 1/10th of those in guilds, I will infact say he is not. I am in a sunwell guild (priest) and for a game that people keep saying is easy, we sure seem to boot enough applicants who show otherwise. Are there easy parts of it? sure.. you dont make much money keeping people around if only the smart ones stay. But if you don't find things that are difficult to do in it, you arn't trying hard enough.

And like the captin said, wow is better then eq in every way possible. Everyone gets hearth (while melee are screwed in eq). Alot more environmental interaction allows for more strategic boss events (Imagin trying to do the split second timing of the cubes on mags using the eq engine). Bosses are ALLWAYS up, quest mobs are ALLWAYS up, theres no such thing as a place holder (go go 48 hour jboots camp). Spawns arnt 27 minutes.

I could go on..
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