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Default My GTX280 won't boot

Got my BFG card yesterday. Installed fine. No vid at boot.

During boot, LED on back of card is red normally and orange if I press the 8 pin vid card connector in a certain direction.

If I prop the 8pin vid card wires in certain direction (or hold it the whole time), I get a vid signal (green LED on back) and computer boots properly BUT soon as I try to run a heavy 3D game(Oblivion is what I used) the vid signal is lost when the main gameplay view appears. Oblivion menus and loading is fine. Also when video is lost, LED on card goes to back to orange from green.

I then have to hit reset switch, CtrlAltDel is of no help.

Even though my PSU is lightly under spec..... (see pics)

There is more that 42amps on my 12v rail (18x3). Plus my 8800GTX system never drew more than 345watts at full game. So I feel there should be plenty watts left to handle my 280.

Do I have a bad card connector or something? I can sit there and wiggle the 8pin connector at the vid card side an see the LED on the back of the card change from red to orange with the comuputer off. When its orange it boots proper, when red it doesnt.

I don't have any other PSU to test with so I really don't want to buy one if I don't need to.

Vista64 Home Premium
Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R
CPU E8500 with Corsair H50 cooler
HIS 6970, always 19x10res
Memory 8 Gig OCZ 1000@1024
Display Westinghouse 37" LVM-37w1 LCD monitor
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