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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
No it wasn't. BWL was the same as MC. The only difference were the bosses were far more technical. There was tons of trash mob in BWL. Ever been to the brood room?
You can't honestly compare the trash in BWL to the trash in MC. MC was full of standard pulls then bosses. BWL had far less trash pulls and the broodlord room trash was part of the encounter and certainly wasn't handled like normal trash pulls at all.

BWL was focused solely on the boss encounters. The trash post-broodlord was to pace the raid. A good raiding guild could clear BWL in under 3 hours and spend the majority of the time handling the bosses. In MC the time was due to the large size of the instance and the ridiculous amount of trash.
Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Problem is that developers want to make sure all content is accessible to everyone... not just the people who put the effort, they just hand the player content rather then the player working on accessing the content and earning it.
That's BS. You hear the same crap on the WoW forums. If the content is so easily accessible, why aren't more people running Black Temple and Sunwell in WoW? Just because there is a large amount of content available to casual/solo players doesn't mean there isn't also challenging content available for people who are interested in that. And the fact that you characterize the large amount of content available to all types of players as a "problem" is indicitive of an elitist attitude which is disconnected from what most players want.
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