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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Uh...if you really spent that much time in BWL then you know that the brood room consisted mainly of a non-stop grind to the boss, which involved less tanking than healing and mana conservation. You approached it completely differently from any other trash area. It was the first "gauntlet" type area in the game. Did you actually ever finish BWL?
Yes it was different. I said that and yes there was less trash mobs, I said that also. My point is there isn't that much of a difference because you spent about the same amount of time in BWL from start to Nef as you did in MC from start to Rag. They both were huge time sinks and the exact reason I stopped raiding and went to just doing PVP.

We had BWL and Naxx on farm like all large guilds.

Again I'd have to ask if you ever actually finished BWL...I cannot honestly conceive of how anyone could prefer MC. Not only was it shorter, but the time spent in the instance was almost 70% boss fights compared to MC's 20-25%. Nefarian alone took almost 20 minutes. Trash pulls are always boring but in MC they constituted the vast majority of the time spent in the instance. I can count on my hands how many pulls there were in BWL, in MC I can't even remember how many there were. The bosses were all tank-and-spank encounters in MC as well while in BWL each fight offered a unique mechanic which improved the quality of all the players in the raid and most importantly was fun to learn. Honestly you'd have to know literally nothing about the game or care absolutely nothing about the strategic element of raiding to prefer MC.
Why is it so hard to conceive? It was just what I liked better.

As I said you spend about the same amount of time in BWL as you did in MC. MC had 10 bosses and BWL had 8. We used to clear MC the do Ony on Mondays. Tuesdays we cleared BWL. We spent about the same amount of time on the two nights.
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