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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
That's a choice you made though...WoW offers tons of ways to join a community and pursue content with a group, in fact that's all there really is to do at endgame. Even during leveling there are numerous instances and PVP options for those that want a more group-based game. You can even partner up with someone and quest that much faster and more easily. There's no reason to solo in WoW if you don't want to.
Problem is I started wow too late and everyone I know is 30+ levels above me so I never can group with them. There isn't a **** load of newbies anymore in the game and if they are low level usually their alts.

(Reinstalling WoW as I bitch about it, BTW)
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