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Default Re: Learn PHP/MySQL Feedback Thread

Your object definitions don't have a class constructor. Most OOP languages use constructors to initialize object variables. PHP is far more lenient in this regard and allows variables to be created on the whim without initialization. It does throw a bunch of warnings though.

A discussion about classes and objects also needs to touch on passing variables by reference and by value. PHP by default, makes all variables passed into functions by reference. There is a value in the php.ini to change it to pass by value. You can then pass by reference only when you explicitly do so. Ie.

function passbyreference(&$str, &$obj, Array &$arr){

  // do something
All the arguments in that function will be passed by reference. According to the PHP.ini file, the default behavior of passing by reference will be deprecated in future versions of PHP(PHP6). It's wise to make your functions explicitly pass by reference if that's how you designed them to function. This default behavior caused me some headaches when my object variables were changing values when I didn't want them to after being passed into a function.
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