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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
captn, trying to tell people in t5 to come to pvp so you can crush them is the same as us asking you to raid in S2 and laughing as your dps is ****, or you couldnt tank you way out of a paper bag. ^^
You missed the point. I was saying that I think playing the game for raiding is a waste of time. It wasn't a comparison of abilities.

Also wow's pvp is strictly cookie cutter, you strong against some classes and weak against others. If your a priest like me your pretty much weak against all and rely on others to do your dps. Its pretty lame after experiencing the joys of guild wars PvP.
Fine you don't like it. I like playing my shadow priest. Sure I am going to die a lot because everyone can get out of everything I do. That is why we have a group. I do support and DPS.

Anyways, if you are going to raid with a sucky guild then your going to get a bad experience. Find a guild whos raid leaders dont mess around.. everyone is ready with their flask at raid time, everyone has a raid spec and no half assed specs so they can pvp in them, full enchants and gems, have researched the next progression boss before the raid, and you will have a great raid experience.
Huh? Who said my guild was sucky? The guild I was in while raiding was one of the tops on that server. We had a blast raiding. As I said we would bring out the snowballs and pummel the tank. We were very lose and easy going. I just didn't like raiding after a year of doing it. I have been in a PVP guild for the last 3 years. We run around and crush people.
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