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Default Re: 6200TV with DVI->HDMI to HDTV

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I don't really have any experience with HDMI, but from what I've read it should work as long as the DVI-HDMI adapter came with your graphics card.

If it did not and you bought it separately, then the design is probably different enough to stop it from working properly.

EDIT: This has some general info that might help:
Any DVI port can be converted passively to HDMI without any problem. HDMI is electrically compatible with DVI except that HDMI ports will always support HDCP.

Ati's Radeon HD cards come with special adapters which support sending out sound and that part of it only works with their own DVI-HDMI adapters. The're two different types of ATI HDMI adapters depending on the generation of the card and they're not compatible with any type of ATI card. These cards came with a sound chip built into the GPU and the special adapters were most probably used for licensing (i.e. you could get it for less money without the adapter and add the adapter (thereby paying the license for the sound chip) later).

For the GF6200 you shouldn't have a problem with sending out video with a bog standard DVI-HDMI convertor.
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