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Originally posted by DuckMaestro
yea, its not the end of the world guys. every company makes mistakes every now and then. so just chill out

- duck
Not for nothing but these people do have a right to be piff'd.. Were talking about $500USD per card... And every company may make mistakes... so this means that people who spent there hard earn money should just be happy they have an expensive strobe light? Sorry but I think people who actually shelled out the $ for this have the right to be angry. They have no other way of letting Nvidia know this since they will simply be ignored by both the Company that supplies the 5900 and Nvidia themselves. So they will flock here and post in anger at nvidia.

I think by now they know what the problem is... They have the equipment and the know how to determine this by now. We need the solution! Or at least for now some information would be nice... Just a little bit of info on where all the info they have and what is wrong would set allot of people at ease...

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