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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
captin, how is it not a comparison of abilities if you are relating it to time wasted? I think time in pvp is wasted cause the gear is useless in pve (for most classes). Same deal. Btw if you really are shadow then you reallt shouldn't be picking fights with anyone thats well geared. currently shadow priest suck in pvp. It will be better in wotlk but currently dps is medicore.. hp is low.. pvp talents are low (Surviving crits and all that), its pretty strictly a pve solo grind and raid battery build atm.
I love when people automatically call a class crap when its skills are not as good as others, its not only about the character skills but also the players. You could be playing the weakest class against the toughest but if your a more skilled player then the other guy you still have the opportunity to beat him.

It's alot like a player with a standard pistol in CS versus a player who has an AWP, yeah the awp is better but if the guy doesn't know how to use it, then it wont matter if the player with the pistol knows how to play well.
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