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I like it, but it needs some work. Hit detection is seriously ****ed. I can unload a clip two feet away from a guy, and he doesn't get hit. As a sniper or engineer, I can hit NOTHING. I line up my crosshair, sometimes while they are standing still, shoot, and they do not get hit. My ping reads in the 40s, yet hit detection is seriously wrong. This is not just an issue with my computer either; EAs boards have many complaints of this.

It also gets chuggy when many things are on the screen. And not your "typical" choppy.... things start to get stuttery rather than choppy (as it would look in UT2003 when many things come on screen). It becomes very difficult to play in certain parts of maps (the omaha beach level gets quite skippy around the first hill). I remember this happening on the demo at times with my Geforce 3, and now it happens in the full game with the 9700. Great.

The scope of the game is great, the graphics are great, the maps are amazingly large, and nothing out there has ever been done like this, but they need to fix the hit detection and performance issues before I can actually enjoy it.
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