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Default Re: How Many Amps on the 12v rail for GTX 280 SLI

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
Do you think 66amps on the 12v rail will be enough for two GTX 280 if I decide to go with SLI.

I have a GTX-280 and it,s running very happy on a 850 watt Antec.

I had a 700w and had had it around a mth wneh I got this Video card!

Called EVGA and they told me it was Fine,RIIIGHT! BEEEP.Bip.bip.Bip went my MB and the led went Green then RED...power supply!sheee! so I took back the one I had and got a 850w it for SAME price as old one!(grin)

Rule of thumb! 1 > make sure the supply has 2 x 8pin plug for VIDEO device,and the 6pin!NOT the one that comes out of the power supply case,assuming you have plug setup..
with those you have THREE coming from the case..MAIN power MB plug/4 pin 12 v power/and the 8 pin 12 v power..the difference is the Plug is different and the wires goto all the connectors as in Yellow and the black.the yellow one don't goto the last pair on the end with the 800 watt,with the 700w all of the top yellow wires go to every pin on top as do the black ones on the bottom,there is a don't go forcing the thing into the board will fit with a little push! BUT! IT DON'T GO THERE!when you get the power supply,look at the end of the two cables and you will see what I,m talking about!

2 > make sure it has 800 watts or above! EVGA ask for the TOTAL of
ALL FOUR 6pin plugins..the problem is you only use 3 of them with
the Patch plugs that come with it! a 700w would only have:

18 amps each 18 x 3 = 48amps Not 56 amps The card has a controller for the power that can idle at 24 watts and ripp along at 250 wats Max..double this if you have more cards!
a 1000 watt for a 3 SLI system

Good Luck!

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