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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
This is more accurate but to hit it spot in this is WoW in a nutshell. WoW is easy but stupid people make it hard.

My group that hangs out on vent and plays WoW with me were commenting on what we like about WoW. We were PVPing and crushing people. Just smashing the hell out of them. When we died we rezed and started crushing again. One guy said "this is fun. When I die I can get right back into the action". Then we were talking about the idiots standing around in a raid wating for people to get back to their keyboard so they can pull the next boss or listening to the raid leader bark out instructions to the stupid because the sat for 3 hours watching videos on how to kill that dumb ass boss. Then your gear may or may not drop or you don't have enough DKP. F THAT! Give me PVP. You get in on instant action and can laugh your ass off. And get this, while you are having FUN you can get gear along the way

Screw raider and grinding wh0res. Get in a battleground and I'll crush your pretty tier 5 gear you spent 5 months waiting in line to get.
Heh yeh although I do get bored with PVP quickly..hell I have a 70 rogue..I have done my fair share of PVP....Shes now combat and a raiding toon and she does very well in DPS in raids to, normally only passed by damn mages and thier AOE and Enhance shammys
I do enjoy raiding, more so than PVP.....
But...I also have a 70 Shadow priest which I am about to take discipline and start some BG's with her...just for fun.
A good friend of mine has a well geared disc priest and I have watched warriors having trouble taking her down....I never really realised how tough a disc priest can actually
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