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Default Re: Anyone see the new Lich King talents?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
I'm totally rolling a new pvp warrior. I think gnome ftw this time.
Just don't make it a tank at some point... Beyond the obvious oxymoron in the concept of a stature impaired tank; Gnome tanks wouldn't endevor to become uncrushable like most warrior tanks. Instead they endevour to become unsquishable

Yeah, I've seen some of the new talents. A few of my classes will see some bonuses as well. This said, with my shamy, I kinda like not being asked to CC... CCing is a pain in the rear at times, and just slows the runs down. After one's done runs with paly tanks that can do a CC-less shat halls heroic run, or a druid tank who almost never looks for more then 1 sheep in CC in 5 mans at least, and in most pulls instructs the mage he does not want a sheep; it's a pain to go back. It takes too long, compared to the runs one gets used to running. Who would want to spend 2 hours in a h sp, when more then a few groups and tanks can have the job done in 40 mins, without wipes or deaths.
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