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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

CaptnStubing, what your claiming is one of many scenarios, you could spend months in pve and kick total ass in pvp. Infact one of the end game raiding guilds on my server on horde side also regularly had season champions.

However gear from one side never did translate to the other, you could try and throw someone in full pvp gear into a raid and his dps would be crap, he wouldnt get out of the fire fast enough, and his mana regen would be so pathetic he would be calling out for an inno on any fight longer then 2 minutes. There is zero tanking gear in pvp, you would get torn apart by heroics in S4! They each have their own methods of being aquired..although pvp has more loopholes that allow arena points to be purchased via cash.

Also its a bit more then just gear, many of us like the pve encounters. You may enjoy beating down other healers who also have 10000 hp, I'll go after the big guys who have millions and will one shot you when you screw up (not that thats a particular tactic I like in pve).
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