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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Huh? How can you not understand what I said? My point is people spend months and months in raids waiting to get gear. They then strut around in their gear acting all bad ass. Those same people come in to battle grounds and get their asses kicked by PVPers like me with high skill because they are relying completely on their gear. I was making fun of raiders, that is it.
Same deal.

works in reverse as well with Bg's scrubs coming in and wiping raids because they have no idea how the mechanics work.

honestly if your in a guild where it takes you months to get a full tier set, your guild is pretty suck ass or another one of those guilds that just looks everything up on youtube and keeps on failing because they lack the ability to think and act as a group if something is not working.

pvp and raiding are two different skill sets. i don't expect a pvp player to come into a raid and do much of anything useful, just as i don't expect a raider to go into pvp and be the most bad ass thing ever.
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