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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Glaring issues? Oh sorry i forgot all other MMORPGs where flawless on release day apart from AoC! ..... also what do you mean they stopped patching? its weird becasue they patch every tuesday and thursday(there was a patch just yesterday) ... as for the PvP system .. well there working on that, i would rather they took ther time to get the PvP system right other than rush it and mess everything up!

Im not saying AoC is flawless, far from it but give Funcom a break man, trust me they release two patches a week, i should know i download them, ive been playing from release date and ive noticed its getting better and better with every patch/fix, i love the game and im sticking with it, give it a while and i guarantee when the game it fine tuned it will rock!
Glaring issues like:
  1. The total lack of PvP system.
  2. Memory leaks, poor performance on new hardware which maybe due to the lame 8+ year old engine.
  3. Class Imbalance, Casters PWN the crap out of melee.
  4. Lame combo system which contributes to melee sucking.
  5. Ignoring the fan base.
  6. Many more like lack of endgame, ruthless ganking (prob due to lack of endgame), sucky itemization, constant nerfs....

They haven't patched twice a week in months. Here are the dates of the patches.
* August 28th, 2008
* August 19th, 2008
* July 17th, 2008
* July 10th, 2008
* July 2nd, 2008
* June 9th, 2008
* June 2nd, 2008
* May 29th, 2008
* May 27th, 2008 (part 2)
* May 27th, 2008
* May 26th, 2008
* May 23rd, 2008

Yes, I have every right to be bitter because I bought in to that pile of crap and actually gave them 2 more months worth of subscription fees. The game is still garbage in it's current state. A great majority of the subscribers went back to WoW because it has polish. You can't release a MMO these days without substantial polish. WoW has set the standard and if you want to compete you must be close to these standards. AoC is no where near it.
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