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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Glaring issues like:

1. The total lack of PvP system.
2. Memory leaks, poor performance on new hardware which maybe due to the lame 8+ year old engine.
3. Class Imbalance, Casters PWN the crap out of melee.
4. Lame combo system which contributes to melee sucking.
5. Ignoring the fan base.
6. Many more like lack of endgame, ruthless ganking (prob due to lack of endgame), sucky itemization, constant nerfs....
Don't forget that AoC is a **** game in general. I blame the stupid "directional attack" system mostly. The lack of content and the fact that most of the existing content is horrible doesn't help either.

As for leveling time in WoW, use a guide or plan ahead your questing - you can reach 58 in less than 4 days /played with all professions (primary and secondary) leveled to 300. And that's still leaving plenty of time to help other people out or just goof around. Frankly that is not that long of a time, and once you hit Outland you get to 70 fairly quickly.
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