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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
works in reverse as well with Bg's scrubs coming in and wiping raids because they have no idea how the mechanics work.
But I don't care about that.
honestly if your in a guild where it takes you months to get a full tier set, your guild is pretty suck ass or another one of those guilds that just looks everything up on youtube and keeps on failing because they lack the ability to think and act as a group if something is not working.
I hope you are not talking about my guild because I wasn't talking about my guild. We just PVP.

pvp and raiding are two different skill sets. i don't expect a pvp player to come into a raid and do much of anything useful, just as i don't expect a raider to go into pvp and be the most bad ass thing ever.
LOL This is funny. I can come in with my PVP gear and out damage the scrubs and never pull aggro. Yes PVP gear is not for raiding but for the mid level raids one or two shadow priests can get a way with wearing their gear in there. Crap I watched the other shadow priest in Gruul pulling aggro and he did half as much damage as me. The difference is I know how to raid. He didn't know how to raid (even though he thought he did) and he couldn't PVP.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Don't forget that AoC is a **** game in general. I blame the stupid "directional attack" system mostly. The lack of content and the fact that most of the existing content is horrible doesn't help either.
The only thing from the Conan world that exists for me are the movies and the books. The game is dead to me

As for leveling time in WoW, use a guide or plan ahead your questing - you can reach 58 in less than 4 days /played with all professions (primary and secondary) leveled to 300. And that's still leaving plenty of time to help other people out or just goof around. Frankly that is not that long of a time, and once you hit Outland you get to 70 fairly quickly.
With the reduced XP per level befor 60 you can do that in 3 days. I used Joana's guide. The best. I still have the whole thing on my web site for download.
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