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Default DVI to HDMI problem on EVGA 9500GT

I recently purchased the EVGA 9500GT in order to output to a HDTV. I use the DVI port along with a DVI->HDMI converter to a 3M HDMI lead. In parallel, I run a 3.5mm audio lead into the back of the TV, to provide the audio.

This setup worked fine under my old 7300GS using DVI->HDMI, but using the EVGA 9500GT, the TV is no longer outputting the sound. In addition, the TV is generating 'static clicks' over it's speakers with the audio lead plugged / unplugged, suggesting the noise is coming over the DVI->HDMI lead.

I've used headphones from the PC to confirm the sound is coming out of the headphone socket OK, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the 'static clicks' being generated over the DVI->HDMI output is causing the TV to ignore the 3.5mm audio lead input in favour of this false 'HDMI' audio signal.

Has anyone got DVI-HDMI working with the above product?


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