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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
This is well said.

Oh and you did not miss anything with the large guilds. They friking suck. All they do is cry over DKP and gear. If you are not in the main raid then you are a nobody. If you get in a PVP guild like mine, you are just one of the guildies hanging out on vent crushing skulls and melting faces. We are all the same and we have a blast. You don't need to wait for everyone or anyone to show up. You just start crushing. The best thing is you are not affected by the crappy players. Even if you lose you still get honor and will get gear.

PVP is full of WIN!
I liked PvP back when it was just HWL/M & BG's. I'm not too fond of Arena's. I've always been more partial to realm v. realm. I loved keep raids in DAoC, 200+ people assaulting for a relic, everyone working together to attack/defend. Then there was SWG, which I enjoyed the frequent Imperial assaults on Moenia, our server (Bloodfin I think it was). We also had a lot of player cities that staged PvP events Imp vs. Reb, those were awesome fun! I helped defend a city out past Anchorhead on Tattooine from the Imperials, I think they lost like 10 AT-ST's, they nearly broke our lines just outside the city, but we held...Ahh the good ole days.
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