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Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Already fixed my problem.

Ordered a 4870x2. I really want to play Clear Sky in full glory and the 280 isn't going to cut it it seems. Ordered a Corsair 750TX too btw.

Returning 280 for a refund. Had the 280 been flawless upon receipt, I probably would of kept it.
Smart choice. It's funny.. I was just thinking to myself the other day after reading your decision to go with a 280 "I hope he doesn't end up with a defective one... "

I know some of the reports of failing 280s on this forum are probably due to user error (not speaking of yourself, Destroy), but this is getting ridiculous. When is Nvidia going to wake up and start QC'ng their high-end? The failure rate on these seems to be much higher than it should be.

But then again, I guess it doesn't matter if your fanbase keeps coming back for more with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th RMAs. It's like some around here have a masochistic personality or think that's the way it's supposed to be.

For the record, I think the 260 is a fine card as there seem to be no issues with those. Haven't seen a single complaint out of it yet.

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