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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
congrats on playing with tards?
That was a PUG. and yes they were tards. I won the pants from Gruul and they gave it to someone in their guild. I LOLd' and left. I had no interest in the gear. I was only there because a buddy in their guild asked me to fill in for them. Later that day I challenged the raid leader to a dual and kicked the crap out of him. Yes he was a shadow priest also in FULL KARA GEAR. LOL!

seriously though. when i help out in the odd heroic or Gruul/mag/doomwalker/kara...etc
i normally don't care what i have on. pvp gear will get me through it, there short easy fights. its when people try to come into MH and beyond where most of the fights become healing intense and all all out dps races and the 10-15 min marks. that's the point where pvp gear just doesn't cut it anymore it doesn't have the balance needed even though there item level is on par with items needed for that content.


on with the back on topic
True. I do have some raid gear. I just left my PVP gear on to piss them off.

I just switched to a PVP healer last night. ZOMG we completely changed how well we play in BGS. Just one additional healer smashed the crap out of the alliance. I like it better. There isn't any stress. It is actually fun and funny as hell to watch rogues and other warriors try to out DPS the warrior I am healing. LMAO!
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