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Default Re: Reports Indicate Pro-Gamers Turning to Performance Enhancing Drugs

I could see how speed would work well. I tried it a few times many years ago, and I just remember being really focused on ONE thing...Be it a conversation, a tv show, or the radio...Very focused...Everything else just got filtered out...

It's crazy though, because don't some of them play for 24 hrs straight? To keep the high, they would have to do bumps every 4-6 hours I would think. How would you do that at a professional gaming event? Not even remotely worth it...That stuff gives day long hang overs!

As to Pot, I guess it would depend on how often the person uses it. For example, a chronic smoker (no pun intended) might not smoke the day of the event until right before, and just take a small hit to calm the nerves like stated above. If the person wasn't a regular smoker, I can't see how that would work. As also stated above..."I died? Cool....Where is the snack bar?"...LOL

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