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Default Re: Best review for all new cards (GTX280, 260, 4870, 4850)

Originally Posted by noko View Post
No $h!T, that is an awesome review! Eye opener, at times the 4870 is pouncing the GTX 280 depending upon the game. The real realization is that my 8800GTX is powerful enough for virtually any game out there (except Cyrsis at higher settings). No doubt about it, this is the best review I've ever seen and I couldn't even read it

Alot of other reviews need to learn from them MORE TESTS!!!! However, there is only onw flaw with this review and it can lead to misunderstanding the results.

They used custom home grown clocks on the cards. That is ok. But they did not include stock clock results. This is, as a result, not representative of a repeatable comparison for the consumer. Not at all. If the reviewer went out and bought another set of cards, they likely will end up with different overclock results again. The "results" (And I use that word lightly) are random in this case. I wish they had included STOCK results as well. The FTW edition is more expensive than other GTX260's as well.

Basically, they went out and bought a hand picked GPU BIN champ GTX260 in the form of the FTW edition from eVGA. This hand picked GPU selected by eVGA is already clocked in such a way that it's faster than a GTX280 and then they .... OVERCLOCKED it. : Hahaha.

Then they went out and grabbed a run of the mill Sapphire stock 4870 with a stock cooler and overclocked that. Then they benchmarked them. Hmmm....

So how is that a good representation of a "GTX260" versus "4870". Not really.

What the title should have been is "Compare a grossly overclocked select GTX260 that costs up to $50 more than a stock GTX260 and compare it to a Vanilla 4870 with the best overclock we could muster on a stock cooler" review.

Considering the data when you look at it like that, one must conclude that the 4870 is even more impressive.

But really. That GTX260 FTW sure got a kick ass overclock there. Very impressive card. Spanked it's big brother the 280 even. I would not be ashamed to own one of those bad boys.

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