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Default Re: Stalker Clear Sky

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
The tech demos looked so much better than those screen shots. Why is the beam and sky all distorted? I hope it doesn't perform like ass, and the game play is as good as Shadow.
That's an anomaly!!!!
Originally Posted by ralinn View Post
It scored 68% or something (definitely in the 60s) in PCGamer UK.

To be honest, this game has never looked any good to me.

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
Well it's gotten a few reviews so far. Here is a summary couresy of Highway Chile @ steampowered.


Summary of reviews (SHOC score in in [])

CD Action: 85% [Did not review]
PC Zone UK: 88% [85%]
Games Master UK: 88% [89%]
EDGE: 7/10 [8/10]
PC Gamer: 68% [87%]

Average: 78.5% [82%]


Kinda sucks, might have to change my avatar to some boobies or something
My Russian version has a must buy on it, so count PCGamer Russia as a good review! Well, I assume that it was from PCGamer Russia... :/
Originally Posted by ALien8ed View Post
Me neither.

The trees inparticular look like sht as do alot of the textures.
Agree, the screenies in general look poor compared to the flyby videos posted not so long ago.
I think you aren't really used to the "graphical style" of STALKER games. as for the SSs... I dono - Idid see all of the effects from the trailers and preview videos and they looked... well... the same I guess.

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
Original Stalker didn't receive great reviews, and it was a great game imo
Hmmm, afaik it got a few pretty good ones, just have a quick look. for example.
Originally Posted by TheANIMAL View Post
wow, look at all the shades of brown
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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