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Default Re: Geforce Physx Card and Overclocking

Originally Posted by k0py View Post
Sad thing is, my 9800gtx seems to do a better job processing the graphics and physx, than if I use the 9800gtx for graphics only and a 8600gt for physx. 8600GT=Crap
Ok, 86 that. Once I ramp up the resolution, it is actually faster with the 8600gt as the ppu. At Low res like 1280 x 1024. It's much faster to use the 9800gtx alone. When I kick the res up to 1920 x 1200 the 9800gtx/8600gt combo is actually faster. In Warmonger I average 3-5fps faster. Not much but, something. As for oc'ing the PPU I am still working on it. Seems like the most beneficial thing to oc is the shader. Currently running 540/1420/1.4ghz. Up from stock at 540/1188/1.4ghz.

One thing i'm stuck on though. I can't get riva tuner to remember both the different overclocks for my different video cards upon start up. Its always only one or the other. Usually which ever I changed most recently.
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