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Default [177.70] IPP2 falling back to IPP1

I've set InitialPixmpmapPlacement to "2" on KDE4 startup - so everytime the computer starts up.
I did some queries with -q switch and saw that it was set to "1" - I thought KDE4 was not starting up nvidia-settings command at startup, so I manually set to 2 and checked parameter this time.
Everything was fine.

This morning KDE4 was not responsive as it should be - I did again a query and saw that IPP is set to "1" again. So definitely something is triggering this - I cannot reproduce it.
Might be because sometime when starting a movie (using OpenGL composite effects under KDE 4.1) the screen will go blank for 1/4 of second - maybe this triggers it, but I cannot reproduce this on demand.
Using mplayer with XV.

Bug report attached.

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