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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
That was a PUG. and yes they were tards. I won the pants from Gruul and they gave it to someone in their guild. I LOLd' and left. I had no interest in the gear. I was only there because a buddy in their guild asked me to fill in for them. Later that day I challenged the raid leader to a dual and kicked the crap out of him. Yes he was a shadow priest also in FULL KARA GEAR. LOL!

True. I do have some raid gear. I just left my PVP gear on to piss them off.

I just switched to a PVP healer last night. ZOMG we completely changed how well we play in BGS. Just one additional healer smashed the crap out of the alliance. I like it better. There isn't any stress. It is actually fun and funny as hell to watch rogues and other warriors try to out DPS the warrior I am healing. LMAO!
Healing makes all the difference in BG's but its surprising how many BG's lack healers!
A friend of mine plays a disc priest and when I go into BG's with my rogue with him as a back up..its amazing how much I can live through.

My rogue is a raiding toon and with her badge gear and T5, there is no need for a PVP set for her at all but I know a lot of my guildies that have a PVP set and a PVE set, mainly the clothies and the priests that switch from Holy to Disc for PVP.

I have a 70 spriest with fill FSW set and Im currently grinding BG's for a PVP set and hating it But Id like to do some arena as disc just for giggles.

It all seems a bit of a waste of time to be honest as Im really just filling in time before WAR
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