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Default Re: SLI issues/concerns and stuttering (GTX 200, 8, and 9 Series)

Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
How exactly did nvidia give 7 series users the boot?
My old rig with 7900GTX SLI is working just fine with FW177.73...
I had 7900GTX SLI rig with Asus A8N-SLI deluxe.

At first, the only things that bothered me was lack of Tripple Buffering and poor Vsync performance.

Then, with some driver updates, image in SLI AFR mode become yellow-ish (probably genlock problem, like most significant bit of blue channel occasionally drop 1->0) in 2560x1600 mode.

About the same time Nvidia drivers started to use high-resolution software timer, insted to hardware, to do a flip(). This introduced visible tearing in 2560x1600 in first 10-40 image lines when VSYNC ON.
This driver update aslo improved AFR Vsync performance alot (it was always worse than single card before).

With FW92.91 (1 month before 8800GTX release?) and later drivers SLI support just disappeared, and never came back.
Last working drivers: FW91.47. (I wonder if Asus used hacked Nforce4 Ultra chips instead of nf4sli?) End of story.
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