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Default Re: screen 1 pixel high (at 1280x1024 only)

Well, something strange and new that happened to me:

After a reboot, I was no longer able to get the nvidia driver to work correctly : the same 1 pixel line on top and such.

So I've changed the line "nvidia" with "vesa", so I could get a working X session. From this session I've run "nvidia-xconfig" so it replaced vesa with nvidia again. I killed the X session, and started it again: now the nvidia driver was working again !! (I could verify it with nvidia-settings). After a reboot, it was again the same: not working, even starting nvidia-xconfig again from console was not enough, I had to initialize the driver by starting a session with the vesa driver, run nvidia-xconfig etc.

Do you have the same?

(by the way, when starting this 1 pixel session, hitting ctrl+alt+ "-" is displaying a working screen, but with a low resolution)
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