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Default Re: Bad performance on GeForce 8600M GT with lateset driver and recomended tweaks

seems like nvidia will have to create drivers for each card separately

with my 8400M GS I get pretty high load on X when gif animations are displayed (in that case konqueror, e.g. with compiz / 3D-desktop enabled is THAT laggy that I can't even type text in correctly)

if I compare behavior of awn now I can say that it probably got slower than with 177.68

3D isn't really bad for me but the biggest culprit for much people seems to be that it (the drivers), compiz or another things leaks loads of memory or whatever -> the result is that it gets slower and slower over time

all in all behavior improved in certain loads but also got worse (compare with jcat's experience), so it's not really satisfying

there's also kind of a refresh-problem in konqueror during input of text & scrolling (this already got posted): the window needs to be repositioned (best way to "fix" / reproduce) for the text to be displayed correctly again

note: by mentioning konqueror and all the other kde-apps I'm talking about kde4-stuff
3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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