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Default Re: Choice of 280 if you're still running a 1280x1024 monitor

In most games if you lower the res it runs faster plain and simple... I run 1280x720 and am pleased with my 280 purchase. Running Grid at 16xs super sample mode looks like a moving post card.. Im also on a 50 inch dlp screen which maxes at 720p so hi levels of aa are always needed. The 280 suits me fine and I get awesome framerates in every game with super sampling which gets rid of almost all jaggies on every object.. At 720p and 50 inches you can cut yourself on the jaggies.

I still cant believe Grid at max details runs 60fps about 95% of the time with dips to 52 on rare occasion using the 16xs combined mode. That mode it near perfect image quality.. I think its 2x2 supersampling and 4xaa so its like running at 2560x1440 with 4xaa.
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