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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
BGs lack healers cause healing specs dont fare well in pvp.. if you really have a problem with it be my guest and tell blizz.. youll hear no complaint from us.
A lot of the lack on off healing comes from people finally figuring "screw this, why am I risking my arse to heal people who turn tail and run". On my shamy, which is elemental spec BTW, some t6, about 3 or 4 items from BT, something from MH, some badge, though still gearing; but can throw an odd heal or chain heal in a BG that isn't negligeable; I have gone to heal some. Naturally, he has more usefulness DPSing, but can hold some on heals also.

The problem is, one person is in trouble, heal them, they turn tail and run. And of course the horde see the one person who healed, so who do they all run after? Yep; so I take 1, 2, maybe 3 of them down; but... And there's the person just running off, while the person who just saved them is left to themself as the one guy who was attacking them (note they might have only been hit by 1 or 2) has time to get reinforcements. Was worse at lower lvl BGs when he was a twink, as the 2 guys he didn't get so readily, and healing one person was almost invariably quick death (especially when enh spec up to 49), as the person turned tail. When it came to ganking, the person who ran isn't a threat; but anyone who would dare heal becomes the target of like everyone, and as to one's team mates such as those one helped out?

This is probably why many don't heal, cause if they do... It's like the mage who demands payment from all people in an AV else refuses to lay a mage table; and yet insists on all buffs (not quick buffs, but the upgraded). Much the same with run in the middle and farm honor in a WSG as no one bothers with the flag, then wonders why the opposing faction always cleans their clock goes much the same on why many who might heal (even if not holy/resto spec in particular), many times pass it up.
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