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Default wfb-related stability problems caused by wmcpu - Update

I've upgraded to the Beta driver 177.70 and I get the same problems, except that now it seems that sometimes I have to run SecondLife for the blinking (flashing) to start while wmcpu is running. After a while I no longer needed to run SL to get the blinking and the symptoms are the same as in the report above.

It might be related to the System CPU indicator of wmcpu, which is drawn in red, as opposed to the User CPU one, which is drawn in green, but I'm not sure. EDIT: That seems unrelated.

I forgot to add that I also tried to use the libwfb library included with the nVidia drivers instead of the one included with the X11 drivers, but that made no difference.

Also I forgot to add that in both computers I tried, the CPU was a Phenom quad-core (9500 in the one I returned, 9550 in the newer one), running in 32-bit mode. As I said I tried all in the stability problems thread; specifically, setting maxcpus=1 didn't help. I havent yet tried with the 64-bit beta drivers. I'm not sure about the motherboard used by the former; this one is a Gigabyte MA790FX-DS5.
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