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Default Re: MMORPGs are getting to easy and taking too much time

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
BGs lack healers cause healing specs dont fare well in pvp.. if you really have a problem with it be my guest and tell blizz.. youll hear no complaint from us.
sure we do...

dps just need to understand that they are alive still because of us. have all the damn skill in the world, eventually those HP are going to be nothing no matter what. when your healers are getting beat on come on over and help us out. don't run away after i just saved your ass to let me die because you will be next.

most people would rather focus on "OMG KILL IT NOW!" NEED MOAR HK'S!!" then realize how to play with other classes.

80% of the dps in Bg's i see are the type mentioned above.
and because of that i will never pug bg's again. guild runs only for me.

play your roles right and bg's is a blast.
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