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Default Re: Looks like my GTX260 needs to be RMA =(

well XFX still has not answered my ticket, says can take up to 48 hours to respond, i can always call them up but i am at work and really cannot trouble shoot it from here.

so have to call them from home but i bet they will be closed by the time i get home

other then nvidia drivers i dont know what other software conflict can be causing it?

only other thing would be maybe NOD 32 software? that is really the only thing running background i guess i can turn it off and see if that makes a difference

i am not a huge expert in vista to know of any other services that might be causing a conflict

when this problem started out about a month ago it was just freezing for maybe 3 seconds and be ok and i would noticed in event viewer it got the

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and recovered

but now it just totally bluescreens on nvlddmkm and reboots the system, so not sure anymore

only other thing i can think of is if the corsair 750tx power supply is going bad?

getting the artifacting in Furmark leads me to believe it is the card but i am not an expert

when i get home i will try underclocking the card and let you guys know what happens
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