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Unhappy Detonators 40:41 Not backward compatible

I'd just like to ask if anyone has found the same problem as me.

The new 40:41 drivers are not 100% backwardly compatible.

I have alot of tech demos and I enjoy the demoscene with over 300 demos on my HD. I'd guess around 15-20% of them fail either at the start or half way through with a 'Visual basic C++' type error.

I've tried 5 times now to get these new drivers to work on my system, even doing a fresh format and install of WinXP to ensure nothing was messed up. But I get the same each time.

The original X-Isle demo (not the newer educational one) won't run either. The new Clone demo crashes, even GL Excess benchmark fails to run about of the way in.

I agree with all other comments that have been posted. Yes they are faster, yes my 3DMark score is better etc etc But they are NOT fully backwardly compatible with all other games/software. It could be that the older drivers were better at handling poorly written software, but I've gotta stick with the older drivers cos I need my daily dose of demos

This is an issue that Nvidia must address before these BETA drivers become official ones. I guess that over the years the older drivers have had alot of fixes and tweaks to overcome problems in games with each new version released. These new drivers have been written from the ground up and do not have any of these tweaks or fixes.

If anyone has found the same sort of compatability problems with older programs, please let me know. And if you have found a fix too I thought I would aire my views as so many forums seem to focus on 3DMarks, Code Creatures and game benchmarks but no mention of this problem is covered.

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